What is SAFEMinds?

SAFEMinds is a professional learning and resource package for schools and families that enhances early intervention in mental health support for children and young people in schools; specifically regarding mild mood disorders and self-harm. It also assists in developing clear and effective referral pathways between schools, community, youth and mental health services.

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SAFEMinds training

SAFEMinds: In Practice offers a one-day training in the understanding and implementation of the NIP it in the bud! (Notice, Inquire, Plan) early intervention approach. This training is available to primary and secondary school staff to increase their foundational knowledge of mental health and emerging concerns such as anxiety, depression and self-harm.

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One in seven children and young people in Australia experience a mental health issue each year and half of all mental health disorders emerge before the age of 14.

(NSW Ombudsman, 2019)

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Schools are recognised as important locations because of the opportunities they afford for mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention.

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Parents and carers

SAFEMinds:At Home provides parents and carers with information and resources to support them support their child's mental health and wellbeing.

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"I believe the SAFEMinds resources provided will allow all staff to be consistent with their approach and encourage discussion about students who are at risk.”

(SAFEMinds training participant, 2020)

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